Envirowipe Plus® Folded Cleaning Cloths (6 Packs)



Product Information:

50 x 36cm

Box quantity:

Pallet quantity:

25 cloths

6 packs

63 boxes

Envirowipe Plus® Antibacterial, Heavy Duty, Durable Cleaning Cloths

One of the most hygienic antibacterial cleaning cloths available.

  • Open cellular structure makes the cloth very effective for collecting food and dirt particles and removing stubborn stains
  • Viscose Polyester Blend offers excellent durability, strength and high absorbency
  • Rinses out extremely well
  • Incorporates an antibacterial agent that inhibits bacterial growth on the cloth
  • Can be machine washed up to 15 times without losing its antibacterial properties
  • Available in 5 colours that can be used for specific tasks. Ideal for use in colour coded cleaning areas to reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Polythene wrapped in 25s to ensure product stays clean and dry prior to use

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